Violin Instructor

Position: Violin Instructor

School Section: Grade K-12

Reports to: Head of Fine Arts Department

Period of Appointment: Full-time

Location: Sanya, Hainan Province, China

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Plans individual lessons and overall schemes of work for your students;

* Collaborates with curriculum specialist and program staff to create a shared curriculum

* Teaches beginner level music fundamentals to the students

* Communicates and builds rapport with parents and students in class

* Monitors the progress of students so that their needs can be identified and challenges set

* Develops your knowledge of materials and repertoire for students at different stages of their musical development;

* Communicates with parents about their child's lessons and progress;

* Develops networks and collaborations with others working in music education in the area;

* Arranges performance opportunities for the student, such as concerts for friends and relatives;

* Prepares students for performances, examinations, auditions and festivals;

* Expand your own musical experience by familiarizing yourself with the music your students listen to, learning another instrument, becoming familiar with other musical styles and developing your improvisation or vocal skills;

* Supports students in their use of music technology by keeping up to date with major software tools and making use of recording and other technology;

* Ensures that you adhere to health and safety standards;

Qualifications, Experiences and Skills:

* Bachelor's degree in Music, Master's preferred; a minimum of 3-5 years teaching experience in an academic or community music school environment

* Patience, perseverance and excellent communication skills - much of your time is spent with a range of students at different musical levels, as well as with their parents;

* High standards of professionalism and professional ethics

* Excellent self-management and organizational skill

* Willingness to try new directions and be flexible

* Enjoy working with children in a fun and safe environment

* Ability to prioritize workloads and to inspire children and adults with an enthusiasm of learning

* Recognition of the diversity in cultures and nationalities within the school

* Good team-player attitude and excellent communication skills.


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